23 Jun 2014, 12:03pm

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Izquierdo, my llama

Eyes, Abigail
Sonic victor polar bear igloo
Look around you, regard this,
the whitest experience you can know
White and blue, colder than you know
somebody’s blue mug, slurpie in a wax cup

Try seeing yourself again. Again.

A cousin’s cousin
Baby’s darling
Aunt Josephine
in the black lace, white gloves
A Powerful lily rising from the train tracks
Portico of a house

As you rise early in the am to draw the latch
The coffee is hot on your hob
And soon will be drunk

These things will need forgetting
To see others:
The slurpie again
Blue raspberry on your tongue
Growing your hair out for that boy
It depresses you to think of him
If only you hadn’t sent him to the liquor store in the rain
He would imagine you later taking to your bed
Cooling yourself off by a fan
Or Touching yourself, absently

It is not true that desire is forgotten
It’s just sleepy and tired

The Atacama is worlds away and you only know
One Way to believe both here and in that place
You stand up like a fish and you walk out in the woods

This leads me to take
A dark picture of the talkie

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