27 Jun 2014, 9:12am

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Drama, songs

“the bright and startled bird.”

Rather unfolding
The late and sorry romance
Had it in for us, the way things
were not as they used to be,
and wouldn’t be anymore
And how no one could talk to anyone,


I was asleep in a room with a
gardener nearby, who wore gloves
He was clipping flowers by a window
While you slept ever so sound
Pretending the shears were cutting you
in half

The hour was late
The clock was depressed
The bird was sitting

I dreamed of
A regular meeting each night in a hotel
An evening meal from room service
Then you sat in your chair and you
demanded to let me tie you up
There was a chandelier about you
Did you smash it to pieces?
When I went to work I wouldn’t see you
although you helped me with that project
You made the fashion show wonderful
Letting me help you pack was as if you
were forever packing, packing to go

There were my dreams

I found you in a barn also
And the house was erecting itself
Room after room after room

“At regular intervals I could feel my
life contracting, and I was afraid of death.”

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