23 May 2014, 1:10pm


Ziggurat Beauty

My ukulele is a watermelon
And you are a green gourd
Summer is coming
No doubt by this humidity
Local water is praying by
Local grasses, the lawns springing up
In tufts and blouses
Houses pristine with negligence

In the afternoon my wife locks a repairman in our livingroom
She has no idea for how she wants things to be
I have no idea either
I want a purple complected obfuscation over the old surfaces
Realistic lumber, what I recall
From an old fireplace made of new stone made to look old

As I grow old and look at my brown legs
These things are not funny
But then I watched Mad Men last night & immediately I wanted to move to California
Find you there with your boyfriend in a car
Tired of waiting on me

I dreamt that I hooked up a U-Haul to his face and then I ripped it all away
And we laughed and we laughed and we laughed