19 May 2014, 12:08pm

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Loving Genius of the Neighborhood

We get up early and we save the daylight
Now that the daylight has been saved
I shine you with a flashlight
You have been forewarned
In the mailbox there is a dark
And the regular things have been done
It’s time to take off my shirt
And your pants

Sometimes I don’t want to take them off
I just want to remove them

I have no faith in removal
I want to talk to you
Even making nonsense
It can be a little better
With the grammar of logic giving way for a whole 39 seconds

Just yesterday
I sat for a few minutes
contemplating how it would be when I was finally through saying
everything I was going to say to you
Until I gave up

I just took off my pants
When that happens, you’ll just have to believe me

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