16 May 2014, 11:27am

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From Warm Springs

Not every acre can afford a rescue
Some of them just grow pine trees
Soggy water
bubblegum for toothpaste

Learning some disturbing facts about FDR
And Eleanor
Or maybe not so disturbing

They gave away a lot of their time
Because they were rich
And lived so long ago
I can’t give away that much time even today

And you, you never have any

They built this place with
A grand hotel
Spring baths for the warm and famous

Today the baths are deserted
The local economy in shambles

As we drive south towards Andersonville
I am reminded of a fault that runs along this stretch of the state
The remains of a beach are buried
just a few feet underneath us

The pines sway in the wind
you sing la la la
out the open window

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