5 Mar 2014, 1:54pm

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Archeology (9)

Polynesian fantasy wedding

What a stunning vacation
The chicken hamburger is really good
In spite of me I am really smiling
Learning something about doll batteries
The olfactory nerve is really significant in them
Important to know what they are dreaming about
Do you understand
Terrified of falling
Somebody has to be a net

I agree that I will be that
Not a rope

Walk to the liquor store and buy Jack Daniels
Marlboro Lights
Call to tell you I’m sorry


A theater of grass skirts
And beautiful diamonds
That’s for your eyes

I am always getting this ugly because
For one I don’t believe in my luck
For two, the sex is so good
I want it every day of my life

Is that kinky

Unless that’s not a compliment
I want to be somebody who can support myself without a prop

Leave this dress on
It’s a kind of purple no burgundy no wine-colored
Crushed velvet
Bruised beautiful lips kissed passion for you
Leaning against a white column in late August


Paranoid when I smoke
The drug that you put in my burger is so delicious
Making me time travel
So what if I throw up everywhere
For the appetite it is so beautiful
I gorge myself on delicious sex
Making the night each night the only night

Then I bump fast with you and
In case I get sick and
In case I get worse


This condition

It’s kind of stupid the poetry I write
Kind of like arguing about nothing
Kind of like this breakfast burrito
I wipe my lips on the back of my sleeve
And then I think about what I’m going to do when I see you

What I am going to say to you
What if it’s not pretty
What if it’s dirty

What if I’m just a
Dirty little liar in the House of Broel

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