2 Mar 2014, 8:35pm

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Archeology (8)


Hammerhead shark tungsten wire
The crazy animals get born
And the world is a better place for them
More beautiful

Look I am here
Making a mobile for you
Where each minute goes
Under the next
And summer is as regular as autumn

This feeble minded January has given way to another February
And now March

Light’s angular momentum
Very scary

The bus now operating in daylight
The park open
Lighting everything


Could use some daylight
Leftover somebody
Genetic sequences turns twists take you under the licorice stand

Let us be taken


I correct you. It is wrong to spend 58 million dollars on hairspray
When so much of the world is underwater
When our own dalliances are cut short due to lack of funds

You just smile at me like you know something

Bartering rules
A better wisdom

It is no coincidence I think that people are mining for bitcoins in Japan

In the basement my son shows me a bitcoin
Very shiny


The world is a crazy desire
And a toothbrush
Touching all these artifacts so gently I don’t disturb anything

Wish I could touch you like that
Have me come and go

Have me leave coins all over your eyelids
Wake you when I want them back
Come back, you’re up already
Doing things for me now
The robot who loved me

We watched the Ian Fleming programme together
And I wanted you

Just like the first time
In San Francisco
Watching Virginia Woolf in your bed
I knew already what was wrong with me

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