13 Mar 2014, 6:43pm

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Archeology (10)

Octavio Paz, or a double flame

With Dennis the Menace, and clean sheets
I did not think of you would undress me yet
But you did
You figured me out

Look at me for hollering at the candles
This castle is a big ruinous featureless vinous overgrowny thing
It’s time to let some blood
Piss cum

Oh it will not get better
Or it will

Who can say of the future at my house

The future that my fortune cookie promised is ambiguous

Like a Jackie Chan movie with subtitles
You don’t know when you’re supposed to laugh

Even if the joke is funny


My how I love to lie you down in it

They told me I could buy flowers for $1.99 so
I traded in a big stack of old vinyl records and I bought several hundred
On average each rose has 23.5 petals
I counted
Now when you think about that our daughter and her obsessive
Possibly split-up psyche bi-polar bpd md whatever the diagnosis code
In the playbook for this century
Think about that
Which one of us made her mad as a hatter


I don’t hate you
But I know why
You might hate me from time to time
These genes are passed on and
Some of them are no good
They make us obsessed and
We get angry

I cut up some trees with my chainsaw and
So much for my anger
Then we undress
I see you’ve bought some new pretty underwear
You put them on me and I am happy


Dust in love
I don’t know if I believe that
There is too much that seems irreducible
Too many outliers
Cardstock sketches, caladium
For example
Things that will only last one time
While you are drawing
I cannot think this
Can be immaterial
I have thought of that for a long time
Many years trying to see it in you
And the dust
Flowers in dust
No water cycle
There is a real water crisis in California
Not looking to get any better

Still it’s ok to breathe
The brain-dead dust mites choke out all the dust
And we’ll be like them too
One day
But who wants to be a dust mite
Let’s wait a bit on that one

Meanwhile is there more to drink?

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