13 Feb 2014, 1:15pm

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Archeology (6)

Doodling in space

With a pendulum of fuck/sick
I give myself new reasons to go over your body
This is the age of you
Never before seen you
Never notified
Detecting earthquakes, eruptions
A whole Vesuvius of questions

Do you like
Do you want

A wildfire is raging inside you
A Glendora
What can I tell you

None of them is likely to be your friend


I am dying for this book report

Well I am going to see you on the dark side I guess
Everybody has a moon
In the advanced syllabus
I am amazed that the Oz movie synced up so well
With the Pink Floyd album
A miracle of syncopation
Every good witch bad witch
Which witch sand witch
Elizabeth Montgomery witch
I could never be Darrin
Either one

Let’s go see how the new Dorothy Gale movie is doing
Excellent, a t-shirt
Ruby shoes 100 bucks on eBay
How much did you say for all the old books
Can we finance our government

I don’t want to go anywhere near where my realtor says
She is stark raving
Make it a lunar rover landing with you on top of me


I pull your hair and
You kiss me
It’s simple
The moon pulls the sea and
It kisses everyone

The sea has a big mouth

Seas are so much lower now
Put your mouth on top of mine
See what happens


Don’t you like your breasts
Don’t you like your hair
Tired of your face

It will be all better

In between the running
Back and forth from mascara
To the horizon
How your wings got clipped already I can tell
Mine too

I can have crow’s-feet grey wrinkles
Hell, more freckles
Get fat in the middle
One day

I can see this from outer space
I am mission control

But we are working on it

Give us a little more time here

The tattoo says tomorrow
Tomorrow is what we can do now
Everything reconsidered

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