12 Feb 2014, 12:27pm

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Archeology (5)


Une saison en enfer
Is trop cher
The fire is in you
Sweat on your necklace

I can’t remember that
Yoga position
The awful French they taught you in your youth in Babylon
Bienvenue au magic kingdom
Meaning a lot
Costing a motherfucking lot

But the ticket
Is too much


I hate money
I hate the world and its mother-grubbing money-laundering

Ariel or Azrael
Co-opted bunny
Galadriel of the elves

My sleeves are full of them and their ilk

I just wanted to work hard
And to have a wood stove
And to know people who knew things

I didn’t want to be fancy like the weatherman

One of these days when our water breaks
Turns blue and there is no
Fantastic voyage or Caribbean hero
What a shambles for Disneyworld


I put on a new suit

I wonder about Umberto Eco and Tom Wolfe
Writing from within their cultures of difference
Lucky to be no outsiders in their art
Lucky to be relevant, hip

I wonder about wearing a string bikini
Staring right back at you
Quite pleased with my vagina

Quite happy to be summoned back inside
The insane walls of the insane asylum

Filing a weather report
Running together at Epcot

Displeased with my madness

I wonder about my ability
My sanity

I know it is a ruse but
I was born with a penis
Why not two

One half of one

I wonder about the warriors-hero
Outsiders and their self-help books
Chicken soup for the soul and whatnot
Whatever Oprah is reading


Fundamentally this is an e-ticket
Words to my brain

You can get off the ride at any time you want

Take your ball and go home
I am not your play-toy bien sûr

You are not mine

But I enjoy you
I enjoy you a lot

I want you to get back in the cage with me
Go back there where we were

Get soaked on the edge of the shiny thing
Burn with our toes just barely in it

In the sand
In the sand sur la plage

Dans la rue
Dans la rue like we used to like we used to know


The gondolier runs off with our money, what can we do

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