7 Jan 2014, 3:56pm

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Archeology (2)


Hangover lariat pregnant gorilla
I know a legend about one thing
Vikings discovered us before anyone
Isn’t that funny

Come here to me so I can see you
Before you become ordinary
Before this moment drips back
     into interstellar competition
Also I can simplify your hairbow

This man looks like an atom that
     falls out of an inkpen
That is what we used to say,
     used to call them—inkpens—
Now they are wonderful swords I guess
Just pens with something not-quite-ink
Once again ordinary and massproduced
With one of them you can manufacture
     fake secrets


How long till I know that you are
     still alive on the other side of this?
Welcome to poetry
It gets a message across tiny rooms,

This blank manuscript is bleached first
     then inked liked a forgery
The stamp is called forever
It costs 44¢ here in the year of our lord here,
     2000 whatever, when I buy it from Orlando
     down at the corner grocery

I also buy three postcards which I mail promptly:

     the I-5 as seen from my office window
     the Antelope Valley with flowers
     and a picture of Magic Mountain

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