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Archeology (1)

Victorville Plaza

Let’s don’t go to that one
I know a better wormhole


I put the cans out front in case that
     the heat and the sun would disturb them
Alcohol and formaldehyde in jars
Who buries their money under the earth anymore?
Little altars (alters) little piggies
They all saying the same thing same too
     nervous to be different too uptight
Manic, sad as a soda can
Requiem for a daydream
The funeral ascension of flowers
Choke them out in a desert where they can die right


I have no spackle, aspic
I decorate the lawn with Easter grass green turf
     from Costco I got for 99¢ a yard

Welcome to life in the desert

The girls are on their bikes riding by
     my front window again
I am paying no heed to them
I am paying heed to you!

Though how soon will you come by
     my window I can only guess
You see yourself as a pejorative figure
Cinderella Cruella
One of the Medicis
Lucrezia Borgia
I don’t see you like that

In my mind you always have on a 1970’s t-shirt
     that says Coke
And that’s all


I know a better wormhole

And you like it
You don’t destroy things there
     unless you absolutely have to
Mostly you just sit around making up stories

We used to do that together remember

The man and the woman are carrying on
In the corner booth
He’s got his hand up inside her skirt and
She’s drinking a milkshake
Cherry on top
She twists the stem into a little bow


I think I might find you inside this factory

They are still making the little cymbal-
     playing monkeys and it’s one of the
     monkey’s birthday
They will ask you to blow out the monkey’s
     candles because
He doesn’t know how

Sure little monkey I can blow out your candles
How old are you?
What are you wishing for?

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