5 Dec 2013, 11:46am

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“this is a thing”

dudes are you listening to me? There are enough of them to cover this concert, and you and I are in the back of the old pickup with the squawking tires and the stories swapped with cold blunts and buds ; we are checking out all the courage and the absence.

I don’t want you to be any younger. All these young girls are too young, and it’s not true what they say, that boys mature more slowly than girls, it’s just that boys forget what it was that they were up to for a while, they get distracted. But the young girls are fine, always, although that is not what I mean.

The boys are who they were, who they thought they were, at least some of them are by now. Hey, they are waking the dudes.

And then you get completely absent and I don’t know what color you are, or how you got to be here, or how tiny your hands can become next to mine ; anyway it’s all miniscule.

I would not be caught dead in that shirt I would rise up from my caeskt and denounce the person who dressed me that way.Still not certain why the guys’ headgear was lit. Nothing more was done with them why were the even there?I’m an ATS/ITS belly dancer she’s a cabaret style but she’s certainly got her technique down. I have not mastered stomach flutters.


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