13 Dec 2013, 2:14pm

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How to set up a dining-fly in the rain

The bowline is a rescue knot. You loop it around a tree and you rescue that tree from inactivity, from disuse. Then you take the other end of your rope and you go around another tree. That’s two trees in your embrace. You make a tautline back on the rope, pull it tight for your ridgeline. (This should all ideally be a few feet over your head. Find the tallest person, if he knows anything about knots.) Next throw your canvas over the rope, pull the four corners tight and down at a slight angle. Run smaller pieces of rope through the eyelets, and tie using four more tautlines, anchoring on four more trees. That’s a half-dozen trees now that you’ve befriended. Join your comrades for lunch under this rainproof barrier.

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