2 Dec 2013, 1:46pm

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hopscotch marigold lipstick blessing

within the temple of icehalls and messkits,
bleeding profusely through a hole in its shirt /
feeding the rare bird of Atlas probably about to expire anyway /
putting newspaper under its ass /
being in the summertime, & grown-up /
being with clouds and people and deer antlers, deer velvet, deer everywhere/
deer, saying this all in a computer voice without blessing/
feeling you have a great responsibility to it all nonetheless/
no one listening to you especially when you are aware of them not /
being in hopscotch being in marigold being in lipstick /
being in a basic color /
being in understanding the deer song the song the song title period
essential to its being/being, with all other beings /
being to that which a bird will one day say that you are /
being with a great understanding and specialknowledge of being and with-a-being
and otherbeings in general /
being with a great and powerful being /
being all diplomatic and grown up about it all /
being with the sun & its sunflowers /
being without a name, without a father /
being the first the last to notice the last to melt it all over again

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