31 Dec 2013, 7:22pm

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Archeology (12)


This can be a way home

Buying fake Baileys for $8.99 at Aldi
On my way to celebrate New Years with you

Good riddance to 2013
It was a shitty year
In which many people fell ill
And some died

Including friends and some family
Who almost died
Including some very close

I want it to be 1998 again
I miss you of all people


Beside an antique table that looks like Mexico
Some things are not going very well for me

Which job will I have in the future?
Why will things not work?
The most durable thing I own
Is a car I don’t even want to drive anymore

And what is up with all this clutter?
Is it really time, still, to accumulate?
After everything, now?

Wouldn’t it be better to give it all up
And dance in Jamaica?


My financial planner says Belize and Panama
Offer better opportunities
$1000 a month and we can live in more than squalor
Have a little left over for cute drinks

But can I put an umbrella in your Mai Tai
In Panama?

He also says Uruguay is an option


My idea is that we go back to Victorville
And get a small condo
What would it cost?
California will be a socialist state by then
Let the smarter younger people take care of us

All those young kids
They’ll have no idea how we subsidized them
Through all their headaches

And all we’ll ask for is a little space
On the other side of the mountains

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