11 Nov 2013, 11:02am

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“I am the Emperor of Ice-Cream”

…says my son. And I believe him. He loves ice-cream. He can’t get enough of the stickywhite goodness—chocolate, marshmallow, marbled, rocky road, whatever, anykind is his favorite kind. He is smart too, like Wallace Stevens. I have a poem he wrote, at age 5. It’s incredible (though perhaps not as incredible as his ice-cream eating skills). As his mind grows and I see how smart he’s becoming, how much he enjoys history, life science, mathematics (computers) I can see him working on his “theory of everything” much like a composer, physicist, philosopher, system-builder would. I know that he could write big beautiful poems like Wallace Stevens, if he wanted. Deus ex Machina. Instead, I think he’ll be an engineer. He’ll practice what he preaches. He’ll be a scientist/engineer/inventor/software developer (coder). The engineer of ice-cream.

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