9 Oct 2013, 12:14pm

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Time, an Empty Drawer

All cliffs are at the end of time

Epigraph or epitaph / whatever it is my problem is
I don’t know / the problem / until I slam my fingers in it….
I got a callous / cathexis (from watching too much TV,
chalazion on my eye) they cut that out with a little spoon
like a shovel on your eye / do you know how much that hurts?
your eyes bleed for days / I don’t have a splinter
because I wear shoes when I go outside / even on dark days
the deck with its splintering insists I can’t go barefoot

where they scrape it leaves a hollow, like the hollow of trust,
where you fall / always so pretty….

if I see your scabby knees, if I see a shoe naked, with no foot
I want to lick it / I don’t know why / if you are dirty or Cinderella
it makes me uncomfortable / it makes me desire you /
my desire is like a wrecking ball on the side of my life

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