23 Oct 2013, 12:29pm

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Over and over, without substance

minus the lake, two hands on the oar /
we are rowing, rowing out / the lake
could not be further / don’t stand in the canoe /
on dry land—you’ll pop the rivets /
or on water—you’ll fall / the canoe is aluminum,
made by Grumman, an aircraft manufacturer
(my son notices this—I don’t) /
perhaps they are recycled airplane fuselages / perhaps we’re not /

that’s a bad start / there’s a bad radar today /
I can feel it in my head and in my hands holding down these oars /
my oar has a headache / my son’s oar is being difficult
(although it won’t be too long before he is doing it right) /
I feel like we’re doing it wrong anyway / here too late here already
in the big harvest / too many bad things have happened here /
too many canoes paddled over time / but what can be done otherwise? /

he wants to sail / learn how to shoot / I suddenly feel old
I don’t know if I have the heart / for this / such a long and difficult stretch /
I feel like a child by comparison / really awkward / in my canoe /
we’re like too many matchsticks / tin men / two of Pinocchio’s sons

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