9 Aug 2013, 7:54am

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When I want to be sad I merely look at the clothesline

twine your wrists / & layer me in cellophane
I got an erection thinking about you cumming / Misty
rubbing your back in my dream
painting shellac on your back like a wooden instrument
painting myself / painting seashells / inking myself / pretty
pretty pudding

I am bored with this needle under my eye
no longer a destined blanker / paper heart
cut-out / like a felt-moon confession
I need an idea or two
give me your glue from your nightstand
let’s runaway to Runawayland / nevermore
I’m hearing Gustav Mahler / Symphony Number 4
under my breath
inside my Endymion gloom heavy sadness

I want to work fly fuck maybe cum
get interested in you belonging / to my fortified night-vision
what I see when I look out / over the yard / a debris field strewn
with guts and the grass       raccoons in the laundry & trash bags
all day long       all along a human being
barn heap of debilitating crush / red and oozing

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