28 Aug 2013, 2:26pm

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traveling stream of consciousness road show

latex sister weatherman Virginia jumped in a coal train
I wasn’t going to go after her but someone said I had to
little rascal Alfalfa Darla Spanky Petey the dog
they all wanted me to go (so I did)
the goonies movie (one of the best of the 80s—my childhood)
it had a travelling coal chute (or not—
my memory is getting vaguer the further I get from it)
indiana jones the second one third one
I forget which one / Sean Connery
latex doesn’t exist in the strange sciencefictionfantasy
novella kingdom not one but 2 fucked up movies
unicorns and prom queens / Carrie my sister
robes in any language symbian satin royal
drink a chalice / I challenge you to a duel
or maybe not she’s bleeding but I didn’t master this did I
John Boorman the king Excalibur Merlin but whatabout the others?
Arthurian legends, Modred Vivian Nimue—
I don’t know if I can catch them anyway
the baddies / wacky races / that’s all I know about
ha ha the Muttley laugh / sometimes it seems like a sick joke
sometimes you’re raised on jokes and that’s what it seems like
but there’s still an afterwards / still a late-at-night take-apart
put it back in the box look at it tomorrow / is it still breathing
yes I think it is

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