20 Aug 2013, 8:58am

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Pavese by way of LA County

I go see a girl down in Sylmar, Sylmar, CA
I take the Metrolink for a change
It’s cheap, and scenic

On the left, the San Gabriels are massive
On the right, it’s just as flat, flat as can be
Hazy today, and the dust reminds me of Florida

Or maybe it’s the palm trees
Can there really be an ocean out there? I don’t know
Whatever it is, Florida never had mountains like this

My girl in Sylmar is invisible
With brown braided hair, brown eyes, brown everything
She laughs at me when I lick the dust off her brown navel

Of course no one sees this, because she’s invisible
In fact, the whole town is
It is 1970, 1980

People in bodyshops, poolhalls
Dirty Chryslers, Cheryl Tiegs posters
It is summer in Sylmar

My girl fits right in in her brown bikini
We make love until it’s time to go home
And of course, no one sees this either

That’s just the way it is down in Sylmar, Sylmar, CA
Nestled between Burbank and the San Gabriels
A town no one notices, until they do notice

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