12 Aug 2013, 1:37pm

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on my soul’s ragged Wednesday

night-crawler spandex marmalade sunset
watching old movies at home with the kids
on my vacation / stay-at-home
PBS the difficult dog
I want to go to California or Spain
leave the working-class English Wimbledon winner
find a bullfighter
I ignored a Twilight Zone marathon on Syfy
blue sky far off
the hilltop kept climbers from seeing the horizon
a week without sun will do that

I guess we’ll do puzzles till the time comes
but this one will be difficult
I took a 100 yard swim test in the rain
I nearly ran out of breath
waiting for the fish to flash down
silver fish flash down on me

I used to love puzzles, I tell them start with the border
this one had 3 wolves and a moon

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