14 Aug 2013, 10:07am

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mythical journey

metrolink ride the playground merry-go-round carousel
(from) union station to palmdale,
I get on this train everytime I come back,
I take a mythical journey (back to) my apt in Saugus,
bouquet canyon, where I live,

I get on the train and I like a homeless man to talk to me,
he borrows my phone, a buddy is waiting for him, his ma is ok,
a baglady screams to me about jesus,
I need my phone back NOW I say,
newhall pass – under the mountain,

I’ll ride my bike when I get back,
I’ll look out over the desert, sing a psalm,
what are the chances that if I pick up my phone to call you,
you’ll hear it, I get off at my stop which is next
and I blink in the California sun

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