11 Aug 2013, 3:35pm
True Life

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My hands smell like antifreeze

Was: sore grimy dirty hands. Now just sore, but smelling like antifreeze. This is one of the perils of driving a nearly 20 year old vehicle. Frequent breakdowns. Luckily this was just a breakdown of the almost-breakdown variety. I spotted the temperature gauge creeping into the red when I pulled in the Home Depot parking lot and quickly shut down the engine. The culprit: a split/cracked/worn-out (i.e. broken) heater control valve. This is the fourth or fifth little valve/control/assembly/gauge/whatnot that has worn-out in the last sixth months. I just crossed 165K miles; apparently that is a magic number or something for these little components parts. Luckily, parts for my vehicle are incredibly cheap. About $40 and an hour later I was back up and running. The $40 included the price of Antrifreeze and a pair of pliers which I knew I would need to get the hose clamps off. This doesn’t seem too bad to me in the grand scheme of things. It was even a fortuitous place to almost-breakdown. Who else besides Home Depot would have Gojo dispensers in the bathroom?

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