26 Aug 2013, 9:51am

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Homeric Cyclops Eats the World

Rubber sex diaphragm, webbed feet
White skip
Life in a boat
The oval pulls
The necklace stays
Holly not red red the branches
Down green again suddenly
Fixtures overthrows in the ponds
I made a walk too far then I
Collapsed like a “plank in reason”
I own nothing today
But my embouchure
Ducks walk around like they own
Everything but they don’t
Their damn folly
They’re just ducks
Home is their horizon or wherever
The desert has enough water
If it comes to you then you drink it
Stronger than life is this desire
For more life
Misfire one two
Wet skin over a dream catcher
The pig piggy pig pig
The reddleman eats whatever he can
His eye is blind
No one is ever so hungry

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