19 Aug 2013, 1:03pm

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Aeneas is laughing

the way people place news magistrate
dart, flamethrower
I didn’t intend to cover those books
or throw my thought in a lonely hole
burn my thought
what a severe mass of verse growing self-conscious
what an ungainly mass
verse marred / unintelligible
if they throw up Don Quixote on me I will burn him up
if they throw up Ray Bradbury I will burn him up
if they throw up Pulp Fiction
I will burn up Betty Draper / Lucinda Williams

what if they turn their thoughts to Mars
A Brave New World can be a miniseries event
worthy of their junk/stuff / 1984 I bet I would watch it
I load the car with pots and pans
spy novels / my antique television
I’m seriously thinking of moving/relocating/locating

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