30 Jul 2013, 10:53am

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the whole time signature shifting

My neighbor’s yard sank underwater in the dream I had last night. I was over there on a motorcycle to pick up some clothes for/from my nephew. It was my house but my OLD house. So many things were destroyed. All the nearby yards were swamps and the nearby driveways broken and smashed. My old house was in serious disrepair. To top it off I had nowhere to put the clothes when I left except in my outstretched arms (outstretched like this–and try riding a motorcycle with you arms outstretched holding a massive pile of hand-me-downs–you just can’t do it). To top it off, or luckily, the motorcycle wouldn’t start when I tried to leave. So I got to hike back home through the woods instead. That would be to my NEW home, my home home, or actual home. Nevermind the fact that it is 40 mile walk between homes, with virtually no woods to speak of. This is dream logic, you just can’t argue with it.

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