2 Jul 2013, 12:25pm

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T.S. Eliot: The Wasteland/The Hollow Men

I don’t like you but it doesn’t matter.
We belong to each other.
Like a sad hand in a gramophone, so are the deputies.
Who will be anesthetized.
So let’s fuck in the street. Let’s watch the police.
Recant history.
I have three or four more books to burn.
Shakespeare, Willamena.
I left the incinerator back home with my toothbrush.
Wait for me. Look, I am having my cake.
It’s grey, I mixed the frosting with pea gravel.
Tastes like ash.
See, it’s ten minutes. Ten before my destruction.
Hurry. I like black coffee.
Mistah Kurtz, he don’t have to know anything about this.

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