3 Jul 2013, 12:41pm


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Neurotic cups of jello and peach yogurt
a smiling monkey holds my hand
it is summer in Imperial Beach
girls are eating ice cream cones
rollerblading in tight shorts             bikini tops
bottoms barely awake /
they are freckled backs beneath ponytailed hats
I really don’t want to look at them
I happen to be somewhere else now …beside the lake
with my family /there is an event /   I can’t miss this event
if I am late they will kill me
although I do love the summer bows
If my monkey is a liar why does he eat my fingers?

4 Jul 2013, 8:10pm
by laurel

Your work reminds me of John Ashbery’s.

If Ash was younger and hipper, he’d write like this, I think.

I’m fairly certain he’d love your work. I do.
Love your work.

I rarely want to write like anyone else, but I wish I could write like this. Like you.

I like Ashbery. Every time I read his work I’m impressed with how effortless he makes it seem. Although I know it isn’t.

I’m flattered by the comparison.


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