21 Jul 2013, 12:58pm

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Numbering myself among the good children

Trailerpark mercy bonhomme heureuse femme
En Angleterre we have chickens on a farm
A dirt road
Travellers pass us by to tell stories
To pass their time on the way there
Where are you going we like to ask
Confused that they would need to go anywhere

The better part of leisure we experience Sunday
Our day
Sitting around drinking tea and reading
Maybe doing a little light yardwork
I tack tin strips on the chicken coop
To make sure the chickens are alright
As we live mostly on their eggs

I get out the wading pool later and we bathe
Immersed in the cold water with cold beers waving to the passersby
They tell us a great band is playing at the amphitheatre that evening
Which is utter Nonsense
And even if it were true why would we want to go listen?

I like kissing you in the water I tell her
My woman who is with me in that age
Let’s just stay home. Stay here today.

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