14 Jul 2013, 6:40pm

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Notes from camp
(July 2013)

Weather in advance of weather
Is focusing trust on a train
The train is weather
I am not too sober I am not too drunk
I am a lot of things I have thought about
Not too far from this place
I am teacher and guide and sometimes wise parent
I am all three here today (or none)
Walking through grass
Which the train passes

July’s weather is not October’s
But sometimes it is
The weather at Bert Adams this July has been October’s
The overcast grey sky of early AM clearing off by mid AM
Sky blue sky
A few cumulus clouds
Noon a deeper blue
Hot but not too hot
Humidity, low enough
This is the best the east can do with its weather

I take the boys swimming post lunch
They are young boys but not too young
Old enough to know how to do things
They can ride bikes and pedal fast
They can shoot arrows from simple bows
And BB guns
They can remember most things
I see two of them sharing the loss of goggles
      which makes me happy
Here is a bottle that one of them dropped
I look through it and things are fuzzyclear (or clear enough)
Like me who forgot my towel in the shower this morning
I went back to get it

Will they go back to get their things?
That is not the entire point
But it often is with schoolchildren

Will they?

Retracing steps is normal for our species
I am no weatherman but
This morning it looked like rain but did not rain
Now it looks clear and it may

Like that, the weather is like a train that startles
Like a thought

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