5 Jul 2013, 3:21pm

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not persuaded (New Mexico)

The daylight is what it is… I go to work I go

to school and I see buildings that aren’t

mine, plans that I didn’t make. Families that

aren’t in my neighborhood. Their homes are

so nice, they touch me. The people are so

quiet. (and the dogs). But I don’t live here. I

live where There is More daylight. It’s like

in the afternoon all the time and I need

coffee. Things are messy in my life. In my

own home. My kids are at play riding their

bikes in the yard. Now when they give me

presents I know it must be my birthday. A

kind voice is telling me that I should like it

here, but I’m not persuaded.

I want to live in Taos where I can build my

desert home again. It looks like a country

farmhouse but it has four patios. Where the

porch is but past where the porch would be. I

picture it full of bright sliding light. The

upstairs open over the main living space, two

small bedrooms in back. Can you play with

me there? (I never really learned about time

before but I am learning now.) I think I would

like a piano in my home. Next to a central

hearth. You can play the piano. Or learn. The

soul-loving hills of New Mexico are full of

pianos. That’s what I think of when I think of

you painting on one of my patios.

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