29 Jul 2013, 10:11am

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heard a lot (set list)

Poems are beautiful. Each one is breaking

into its own cut like a rough but organized

set list. There is a way to play them. If you

have songs in your blood you will know

what I mean. The order is what drives you.

The left one down, the right one up. Pick a

finger the good song the next one. Beat,

beat, the open elbow drum clang jam clang

the pick strikes the cord vibrates tiny hot

words. Think think. So much like a bass

line, you’re a bassist. Hopefully you can also

sing. Gordon Sumner, Geddy Lee. One of

those famous dudes.

Are there women who like Geddy Lee’s

voice? I am not sure I know one. But there

are plenty of women who like Gordon

Sumner’s voice. Men too. I remember when

he sang with the Police. Roxanne, you don’t

have to put on the red light… And we would

sing too. Each one of us trying our level best

to get the same falsetto/Sting sound. That

one I heard a lot. You couldn’t go to skating

rinks, pep rallies, or the parking lot after

school, without someone humming it, or

playing it on their radio. It was just fantastic.

WE couldn’t get it out of our heads.

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