6 Jul 2013, 8:36pm
Dreams Writing

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From my dreams

Hiding out under a blanket next to a chain link fence behind some toolsheds
Watching abt 20 of your neighbors having a block party
Coming home drunk from bars
Waiting for their kids to come home from summer camp
Maybe you knew I was watching
You must have noticed because you came to talk to me
I was surprised by that
It was odd because now you were married and I could FEEL your husband in the air/area,
the way you moved, furtively
I don’t know what happened next
You were gone, there were people making out (fucking) behind the toolsheds
A neighbor came to talk to you
(Were you having an affair?)
A large breasted woman came out topless and them proceeded to bend over to pick up her laundry with her bathrobe open
(Yes I know, the bathrobe was suddenly there–ask me what color it was)
Then the adults went back in
That’s when i noticed them, a whole row of kids sleeping under the blanket
Mostly sleeping
Some of them were crying, so they must have seen
I carried the smallest one back with me to the row of tall houses
I sat her down inside
I don’t know whose daughter that was

In another part of the dream I was looking for god

Now something even worse
There was a murder
A whole series of them
I was with my sons in an empty apartment
We must have all woken up there, inside, because everyone seemed groggy
I was trying to hurry them up
Put on your socks and shoes
There was someone in the shower
Was it a good man or a bad man
The killers were the owners of the apartment
They killed the tenants for being late on rent
Maybe it was a survivor in the shower
(No it was the murderer)
I could see so much blood
I looked for a knife, for protection
I kept trying to hurry up my kids

Then a kind man was showing Micah how to sharpen a watch bezel for use as a weapon/knife
We were in a different place, a hotel room
Slow strokes on the whetstone, AWAY from the body

You see, I still have these phobias

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