24 Jul 2013, 9:34am

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Four Quartets-East Coker

All poetry is time travel. Sensitive ally.
I know that you know that you know that.
Repeating oneself into a great belief/beyond
all things under the sun. The people and the houses.
Great ambition and great wonder
It cannot be replaced. relived. reimagined.

                                                                          Weird old man/
the playground swings are swinging in a great breeze/around you,
beyond the park (which is not finished) someone looks after them,
clinging / children’s feet always there until there are no children left/
because we are sterilized here in an apartment of meaning /
watching for you, a ghost/ a rat’s nest and hair/tattered arras/
teeth in a jar /

this is what our bewilderment does/(our war with meaning)/
we are afraid of it, of you. You will always be with us still with us
when we are able to consider it differently (which we will).
And the time comes back/the sea and the wall/
All great things/All great nations go under this broom. —the self.

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