5 Jul 2013, 3:39pm

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Blade Runner Diptych, Part Two

I love this panel as art; I cannot explain why.

How you love a movie or a book title. A

snippet from either/inside more than the

whole of it. Unsaid as a whole. The figure’s

a microcosm. Speaking into an open box. I

love that art-side. How the two leaves are

like the hands pressing down / now lifted up

as in prayer. Although I do not pray. I no

more can. I love the idea of it. That

somebody may be listening. That we may be

thinking of something to say when we meet

each other. I talk to myself more than (I talk

to) others. I am an empty vase.

Deckard and Rachael are running into and

out of the downtown / out of and into the

new town. Which is no town with no death.

It looks like a library, but the library has a

ladder. Into the books, out of the freakshow

that is their lifespans. The librarian leaves

them alone. (The origamist). There is an

ample plain with dinosaurs. There is a space

mission. They can see heaven and its picture

window. They will live on a new planet,

they will not be extinct. When they go into

the rocket, do they ever know? They are

running into the sweet movie.

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