17 Jul 2013, 1:28pm

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a confession

What to do you see?
I can see a park and plenty of plants, a bible, and a microphone.

I waited for breakfast to go into the water.
I told all the solid ideas to go away and I waited, waited for the water’s essence.
That is reason. That is where I can create I think. I was wrong, hungry.
Meanwhile no watery ideas came to me that way
Just images reflected from the pools

I howl when I feel empty and when I’m not I roil,
I mostly just quiet away quieter than you think /usually when I’m lost
so don’t come near me when I’m like that
I want to reach out (write) to you and I just might do it
grab the stick as a rescue method/do NOT lean out

/seldom do they ask you why you are ok if you’re ok/ ever thought about that /
why doctor why are you alright and doing good what is it so good about your life and your Lexus
in your air land fire world/I like to see girls in the water (Ophelia) in panties in front of old tvs/
so much smoke/ really really, really old tvs. Did I tell you? / I know I am not popular with them
because I am not swimming with them. There is the grass. It doesn’t exist without me.

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