20 Jul 2013, 3:35pm

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a boxful of carpenter bees

in antique cinema fetish
lives are looked at differently
time has a way of working thing out
amnesty for the good
there is a terrible thing happening here
people are being beaten      do they know why?
between the song titles
there is a girl dying alone sorrowful
reading a book
people’s securities are being threatened
by public securities
your privacy no longer a foregone      all movement traced
your eyes in flight      tracking themselves
but do they know why?

it has so much to do with so much
what you do with yourself      in dreams
that’s what they’re really afraid of
they say that (the little liars) all writings are being traced
all knowledge repaired
meanwhile you hide out in a little room
where your brain comes unglued
you are a turtle you do so little      so well
you better tell someone who isn’t afraid of you—
they’re the free ones

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