3 Jun 2013, 1:38pm

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Sid and Nancy go to Hollywood: a poem

Gary Oldman is great, as always, kissing her

toes after ripping her stocking open. That

was so blunt. He sticks the knife in and she

is a real goner. But she prances about too

much. They fuck in his mum’s house; she

complains. She rips off his mum’s clothes in

the street. It’s sometimes better except for

when she yells. She is so whiny in the phone

booth; I wanted to kill her right then. Was it

just the actress or is that how it really was? I

want to ask Courtney, but she’s the only one

being quiet in this movie. She just sits there

pretending like she doesn’t know anything.

Foot fetish latex tranny stockings. I don’t

know if I have them all (down here). T/his

penis is so much like a thing you write with.

Pencil point. (Needle.) Like, how hollow it

must be. For poison to drip. F/or morphine.

Where I keep thinking you’re my Heroin,

not heroine. You left me outside in the alley,

face down. Not good. But punk rockers stole

this show. They started in the basement.

They moved to the attic. Finally, they had a

party in your bedroom. I pick up your

panties all over the place. My god, how

many things are in this house?

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