27 Jun 2013, 1:52pm

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Musa, mihi causas memora

People are dying. I’m looking at porn.
Listening to music, trying to read…
it’s 2013… 1977, the dappled sun
summer / garden pool
hose / water / the girl in shorts /
knee high striped socks / pigtails jump rope.

My first trip home from the hospital,
that I can remember. I’m 5.
The medicine is making me high.

I can see miracles in the oil-water.
It is dirty but that is how you get the colors.
That blue is the prettiest blue.
Who knows what that means,
except for the orphan, the whore?
I’m fallen too, if I look at myself properly.

I want to publish something, but not this.
Disneyworld. In the summers.
Waiting on bumper cars.
Girls in shorts and necklaces. Neon, green.
Can I ride on the Mars Mission?
Cassettes on a bus.

I waited on a girl in the waterpark.
But she didn’t come.
There is a unicorn inside of the rainbow.

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