1 May 2013, 2:21pm

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Redaction: Myth

Paved roads or highways. That’s what most

of us dreamed of… to get in the car and go

somewhere. A vacation or destination.

Family outing on the beach. Drive to the

mountain. Ride on the Ferris wheel. The

larger the better, of course. Except for this

one little one. He was such a perv.

Daydreaming of affairs in the middle of the

woods. Sitting nowhere doing nothing.

Making a stump speech by himself. The

parade went by. He missed his station. It

would be his death, or most of it.

I’ve been thinking, this is how you fool time.

With parades. Parade floats. People seeing

sitting watching. So many sections. And

much like religion. How do you believe it

all? Beelzebub dragons begat Disney begat

Puff dragons. But not on them. Smoking

watching. Over the railing of love. Oh, the

lazy river. The streets are empty, except for

a few blocks crammed with people. Ants on

a jetty. At Rio the Carnival would wear you

out. It wasn’t like that on the water. There

was just one, cool breeze.

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