20 May 2013, 8:51am
Dreams Writing

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Imaginary People in Love

I’ve had an epiphany but I don’t think you appreciate that/what it means. It happened in your ear. You were leaning over and looking out the window. I whispered to you, there is nothing more beautiful than you in this moment. You were under the traffic light, looking out at the glass windows of the cathedral. I said I don’t remember you, where were you born? Do you love me? We were fucking in the taxi. I said I will go back in time and find you. You were wearing a red dress. It had to be red. I don’t remember the next part. One day I was running in the forest and I heard something. It was a grackle. I don’t even know what that sounds like. I was reading Thoreau’s Walden. I had school the next day and you made me miss my assignments. I am always having that dream. I don’t remember your thigh even though it was right next to mine. On top of it. I was supposed to be working. There was a helicopter, and a beach. There is more to this one than I can remember.

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