24 Apr 2013, 9:47am

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Unemployment (Reality V)

The breakdowns happen in the broken

buildings. Here is a woman having one. She

doesn’t look good. See her, her lips are so far

apart they might split her whole head open.

Woe is me. Behind her, the water flows

slenderly from a wall. (There is a water

fountain.) Something is trying to break

though. But not breaking through. Her

breasts are not real. There is nothing flowing

from them. Her ankles are wrapped in ice.

The pipes hiss—or try to. There is too much

sadness/adhesive. See her, her feet are

becoming statues.

Remember the Dr. Who episode? Weeping

angels. They are statues that haunt you.

Gargoyle. Wanderlust. Gollum. One of them

might look like a cherub. Another one might

look like your mother. They are all bad.

They come from the shadows and find you,

when you’re not watching. They touch you,

you go back to another place. (In Time.)

You meet your father, and end up killing

him. That’s really bad. You die before you

are even born…. you don’t exist. Who are

you watching? Are you sure that they’re not

watching you?

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