26 Apr 2013, 4:51pm

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Lord Helicopter, Lady Marijuana

Sheffield in the little home looks back and

forth over his dream. He thinks of a woman.

The people are in his room and they shake

the sheets but he doesn’t mind. He is already

leaving/falling. In the Airstream there is cool

desert. It gleams; he has pictures in the tiny

box. One of them is of Suzie. Many Suzies.

Always this face sliding up next to him

reading to him. She could be his daughter.

His mother. His father’s mother. His wife.

She says I am a good little girl. He hears his

granddaughter laughing in the next room.

The girl is stoned. She looks scared/not

scared. She is Diane Keaton/Faye Dunaway.

She is a Hippie seamstress. Designer of

great clothes and writer of books. She has

come a long way for this. She knows about

herbs. She can cook. She lives in the 70s and

has no husband. She writes in her journal.

She gets in the car and says I am ready. She

shows him the designs. Yes, she is ready.

She has flowers in her hair, and bellbottoms.

She says let’s go to the city. They will go to

the city. She is getting her first tattoo.

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