22 Mar 2013, 7:11pm

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A Daisy-Chain of Real Moments

Two playing Batman… y Robin? Cowboys

and Indians have their roots. These days it

makes you famous. You are a B-school

dropout / software developer. Steal an idea,

steal a mind / steal more / steal friendship

over the code. (God I’m so over the code.) I

want it clear and natural. Like a playback / a

funk playback. You are a Primadonna / of

course you are up inside. You have knives in

your bandana, a miniskirt of waste weapons

to play with. As defined in the dictionary.

You get nasty at parties / something you do

at parties.

Sex or cartoon? That’s a tough one. Cereal-

box epithets no good the milk truly sour

Ezra Pound / Richie Cunningham. Who’ll

elope with Fonzie on a motorbike? Jump the

shark? Gidget / Veronica / blue-hair

Madonna. Restful in front unwash your face

all gunk and grimy. Who came on you? I

hope you’ll want to make these moments in-

between truly wicked. But I don’t have the

right subtext. Your mascara is a running mix

of arms and arm-wrestling hurting you so

bad I need a bar to break the stereotypes. So

wet your lips and smile—

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