5 Feb 2008, 9:00am

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Your shirt made me gravely ill

Green brown mausoleum
The way I feel certain about things
The way for example
6 men can gather around a coffin
And do it no good

The way for example
The word “Trowbridge”
Sounds like the word “drawbridge” and it sounds like the word “troll-bridge”
But it is not either one of them but just a street I used to live near
And where I once bought a pint of whiskey for a party

This was next door to the drycleaners where I picked up my suit

My grandfather was dying
Where was my damn suit
Where were my golden cufflinks

We got in the car
We went to the Plaza and rode to the 73rd Floor

The room was spinning
I wanted to fly far, far away from that and find myself on a different planet

10 Aug 2008, 8:05am
by Sergio Ortiz

Today I went to vote for the IBPC in poets.org and found my vote had already been cast. My name is Sergio Ortiz and I workshop my poetry at poets.org. I have no idea who or how this was done but I know I did not do this and I know that the moderators have my personal login information. There is something wrong with this August voting, cheating of some sort. Please find out what has happened if at all possible


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