27 Jan 2008, 3:56pm


Anthropomorphic Relapse

This way for Petunia
I feel certain to go
To go back
Back into the little restaurant and the little fire

I think I might have forgot you

I got undressed for that night and then I forgot the feeling

I forgot what it was like to be human

All that hating and biting
All that wanting of this thing or that thing
Wanting as food

I wanted food

I wanted to eat the meat raw and the vegetables cold
I wanted to dip the mushrooms in sauce

Today, when I got your note I thought it said
you should eat me with your fingers

I wanted to eat you
I wanted to dust your legs in cornmeal
I wanted to fry you in oil

Edible Nasturtium instead of Petunia?

Unless you mean the pig? Which would be kinda neat.


Heh. That could be. Or dandelion.

I don’t know if petunias are edible, strictly speaking, except for the cartoon kind.


I like the pig. Stick with Petunia. :)


Hey D.

i really enjoyed this one. caught myself reciting the last two lines.

G, thanks. What news from the land of maggots?


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