20 Nov 2007, 2:53pm

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I think that there can be a field of white heirlooms

Green velvet tear-apart bodice
Chrysanthemum is the name I would give to this one
Myself and Ilene
Myself and Irene
Sandwiched in this chair going into the attic

She whispers to me about the movie Gaslight
She likens Ezekiel’s petal to the petals on her blouse
(She says that Existence is
Something simple)

I want to crush my face against her
And fall back down with her into the sofa
And fall for a long time

Instead we’re floating

The room has many faucets
So many beds
We climb into the windows and wave to the families outside

Hello hello
Don’t worry about us
Go back to sleep now ok

Then Irene/Ilene
She opens her dress a little for me to see her
I see her belly
She has the tattoo of a small animal

I think I have seen you before I say
You did
You did
I was singing to you, it was your birthday

Oh, if only you
If only you

Could you watch me
The way that I watched you just before I watched you

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