7 Nov 2007, 8:54pm

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Hold that tiger…

Last night I dreamt that I was chasing a tiger. Or actually, the tiger was chasing me. Or it was about to, but I had a gun and I was going to kill it.

Ehh. Can you kill a tiger with a 20 gauge shotgun shooting birdshot? Probably not. This disturbed me greatly in my dream. Perhaps if I shot him in the gut, or perhaps say directly in the eyeball? But then I would have to wait for that fucking tiger to get pretty close to me. I was envious of the boy with the deer rifle. And the man with the sawed-off bazooka that looked liked it could put a serious dent in some tiger.

Then I dreamt that I was going to be in a movie directed by Sydney Pollack, and I had all sorts of advice for him to listen to. Criticism really. His movies used to be so much better! I enjoyed the shag carpet in his guest-room though.

Mmm, that is the sort of dreams that I have been having lately.

I’d be concerned that you were comparing arms to short arms, but then when is a tiger anything but a lady?



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